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Roll Crusher Design Advantages

Roll crusher industrial production as an essential crushing equipment employed within the broken clay, shale and coal gangue and also other materials in a wide, frequently applicable towards the moisture content of not greater than 15%, particle size of not greater than 10mm material.

Feed roller crusher by belt conveyor is carried out. Conventional belt conveyor are 500mm wide, the material distributed thereon, substantially concentrated in the intermediate selection of 300mm wide, after falling, only a part of the width with the roll acts, the reduce efficiency. Meanwhile Central badly worn, escalating the expected size, such as to make sure that the anticipated size, you’ll want to increase the amount of repair roller. Therefore, common crusher feeding straight affect item yield and high quality, but additionally impact the life on the roller.

Roll Crusher Benefits

1. a rise of fabric device, in order that the material immediately after the distributor falls extra evenly all through a wide range of roll, the roll width direction of the Ministry of put on fundamentally precisely the same gear, lowering the grinding time, and elevated efficiency.

2. utilizing shear pin and coil springs combined unit consisting of just playing to produce safety devices, shear pin roller pressure to bear all, only in case of overload, was cut. Reduce ahead of the gap remains unchanged, coil springs only right after safety pin harm along with the activities of your roll having a buffer function concessions and return spring is lowered in size, the entire structure is compact, plus the expense is reduced by about 60%, product top quality a assure.

3, using the rod by way of the frame, the anchor hyperlink up with all the safety seat, and finally to roll pressure completely borne by the rod, improved gear strain situation. To ensure that it can function improved.

4. the rational style in the roll gap adjustment device to make sure that the production procedure equipment clearance adjustment.

5. in order to avoid the roll surface wear, created with sophisticated roll surface correction device.

Using the above structure optimized style, roll crusher working efficiency greatly enhance our company’s gear during use failure rate, extended life, will be the excellent choice for the broken material.