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Basalt Processing Plant

Basalt features with hardness and is the ideal building material for building highways, ports, railway and airport. Basalt also features with alkalescence so it has well bondability with pitch that features with subacidity. For these features, basalt is ideal stones for asphalt mixture. With the development of technology, basalt fiber, rock wool products and cast stone products are widely developed and used.

Basalt Crushing and Screening plant

Basalt crushed aggregate production line is composed of VSI sank maker (vertical impact crusher), feeder, jaw crusher, integer-impact crusher, vibrating screen, etc. This production line can produce fine aggregate of basalt, and the fine aggregate machine-made sand is widely used in construction of highways.

Basalt processing

For sand aggregate which is used for railway road slag, asphalt pavement and concrete, there are high requirements for its stone type and gradation. So when we design basalt crushing process, we choose crushing equipments which are based on laminated principle to do main crushing task so that the wearing pieces will be less worn. Typical laminated device mainly is two-stage jaw crushing or jaw crushing with cone crushing process. If the customer has high requirement on final stone stone type, Impact Crusher is added to do integer crushing so that three-stage crushing flow is formed. Although the capitalized cost of three-stage crushing flow is higher, the three-stage crushing craft will greatly reduce the production cost.

Basalt gravels use mined basalt as raw material. Through crushing, grinding and processing, basalt powder is got, which is important raw material for rock wool, heat preservation cotton producing.

Basalt Crushing and Screening Process

Three-section closed process is adopted for this Basalt Crushing and Screening flow chart. It is combined with a jaw crusher (it is non-essential if tailings are used) and two impact crusher (or cone crusher). In the first jaw crusher, stone materials are primarily reduced. In the second impact crusher (or cone crusher), materials are crushed and separate part aggregate which meet requirements of granularity from the vibrating screen. For some bigger aggregate, which is also called products above screen, they are finally crushed to reach required size by the third impact crusher (or cone crusher). Of this closed system, the former two sections are open processes, and the third section is the closed operation process composed of impact crusher (or cone crusher) and vibrating screen. Qualified products are screened by two-layer sieve below vibrating screen, and sent to stock pile according its size.

Basalt processing equipment-Crushing and sieving equipment

The purpose of basalt crushing is to form crushed aggregate with cube shape not prolate shape. The crushing equipment mainly is Jaw Crusher, which is used for primary crushing(not need when using gangue). Normal Impact Crusher or Cone Crusher is used as secondary crusher. The sieving equipment mainly is vibrating screen.
Grinding equipment

The main purpose of grinding is produce basalt powder and deep basalt processing. The grinding equipment mainly is ball mill, rod mill, Raymond mill, high pressure mill, vertical mill and T-type mill.